Therapy and Children

Are your children easily entranced by television, stories and computer games?

It is well documented that children tend to learn hypnosis more easily than adults

How is therapy carried out with children?

Sessions with children aged 5 to 12 years are a little shorter than those with older children or adults. They range from half an hour to forty five minutes. Older children’s sessions range from forty five minutes to one hour. The first session is with parents and the therapist, this session can be up to an hour and a half. Thereafter, sessions are with the child, if the child’s wish is for a parent to stay during the session,  that is guaranteed. Sessions are fun, each session starts with a chat about what the child wants to improve or change and a goal is set. Following this a discussion about how the difficulty affects the child and family is carried out. Then appropriate short burst activities, working  on the behaviour change are taught. If appropriate the session ends with a short relaxation session where suggestions for change are incorporated and finally homework is set for the week ahead. Small steps is the key to success.

How is hypnosis explained to the child and what to expect?

Where it is agreed that hypnosis may be useful, the child is told that hypnosis is pretending or imagining. It is sometimes referred to as spending a bit of time daydreaming or pretending to be somewhere else. Lots of stories are used in hypnosis, once the child is relaxed, positive suggestions for change are put forth to the subconscious mind. Children really like feeling relaxed and benefit greatly from this inner calm.

Cost of sessions:

Children aged

5-12 yrs
£ 30 half hour session

Children aged

13-17 yrs
£ 45 45 minute session

First session

with parent
£ 50 one and a half hours

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