Specialist Tution

Building self-esteem, confidence and overcoming issues such as anger, concentration and many more.

Experience shows that sometimes when a child is not performing as they should at school there can be a number of reasons for this apart from academic ability. Some pupils score well on the cognitive and performance tests but teachers report that they are below average at school. This can be due to their self-belief and other possible issues such as bullying, concentration span and anger issues to name but a few. In cases where there can be no academic reason found for this lack of progress, therapy sessions are most useful. Not only do they get to the route of the problem but they change the way your child thinks and feels about themselves. N.L.P techniques are used to raise self-esteem and confidence. Hypnotherapy can also be used with children where appropriate to instil this self-belief. Parents can be present in these sessions if preferred. Sessions can also help your child to deal with bullying, anger issues and concentration issues. Other issues such as bed wetting, phobis, fears, nightmares, thumb sucking and any other habitual behaviour can be dealt with in just two or three sessions.

Specialist Assessment, Teaching and Learning aimed at children 4 years old to adult

Jill spent many years as a Class Teacher and Special Needs Teacher in primary and secondary education, working with pupils and students with Moderate to Severe learning difficulties.
She then trained as a Specialist Teacher in Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties including Autism and ADHD.
Jill has worked for an education authority for the past 10 years in this role as well as being a Senior Manager. She writes workshops and training which she delivers to teachers and SENCOs and is an advisor to SENCOs and class teachers working in schools. She has developed various teaching programmes and courses, which have been well received in schools.

Jill now wants to be able to pass this knowledge on to parents, adults and children in order to help them reach their full potential and give them strategies to overcome their difficulties. She does not provide traditional tutoring; rather she offers a Specialist Service where teaching and learning is delivered to an outstanding level. Jill will unpick the difficulty and put a programme in place that will be successful.

  • After a free initial half hour consultation the range of services include:

Cognitive Assessment:

This tests overall cognitive ability, tests include verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and language tests, auditory memory, auditory sequential memory…

Literacy Cognitive Assessment:

This tests overall ability and performance tests. These include all of the above tests and reading tests, reading accuracy, reading speed, reading processing speed…

Performance Assessment:

no cognitive tests are administered. Performance tests include reading accuracy, reading speed, processing speed, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, high frequency…

Dyslexia Screening Test:

This gives an indicator of the likelihood of having dyslexia. It is not a diagnosis as only Educational Psychologists can diagnose dyslexia but is a very good indicator which…

Memory tests:

These are a good indicator of success in school. Memory underpins most of what we learn. Tests include auditory memory, working memory, visual memory, visual sequential…

Reading comprehension tests SATs:

These give an indication of what the pupil is having difficulty with. One hour to administer along with further testing of reading accuracy. (One hour to administer…

Teaching sessions for aged 4 to adult:

These can be provided with or without the above assessments. However, where the above tests have been administered, specialised teaching programmes can be…



£ 140 Per Assessment

Literacy Cognitive

£ 280 Per Assessment


£ 140 Per Assessment

Dyslexia Screening

£ 140 Per Test


£ 60 Per Test

Reading comprehension

SATs Tests
£ 40 Per Test

Teaching sessions for people

Aged 4yrs -adults
£ 19 30 MIN
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