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How can N.L.P be used in education?

It can be very effective with children and adults who suffer with low self-esteem or a lack of confidence in their abilities. During each session of teaching, if felt appropriate, some N.L.P techniques will be used. Modelling is an excellent teaching tool, which most schools have adopted. Modelling is an N.L.P technique which teaches pupils how to copy someone who is successful. For example a  model for the writing process would involve a teacher modelling how to write  a story, as they are writing the teacher  shares their thought processes with the pupil. It can also help in spelling, maths and many other areas. Spelling techniques used are very effective especially with pupils who find phonics difficult to grasp.   It teaches pupils how to think and feel in a positive way about themselves as a learner. This can make all the difference. So many pupils lack confidence in themselves, they think they are not very good at maths, writing, spelling and begin to give up. This method gives pupils a lifeline and within a short period of time  confidence and self -esteem grows alongside  their academic achievements.

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