Anger Management

Anger Management:
Feeling angry sometimes is normal and is usually due to feelings of frustration, a feeling that you have been insulted, deceived or even attacked in some way. Anger is a natural reaction that passes quickly. However, for some people anger gets out of control and can be irrational and prolonged.
Failing to control anger effectively can lead to mental and physical health problems. You may find that anger is affecting your relationships, working life and social life. Everyone will have their own anger triggers. It may be that you feel you are being treated unfairly or you feel put on or frustrated. For many a sense of powerlessness can lead to frustration and anger. Some peoples early life experiences can influence the way they deal with feelings of anger. It may have been the case that your parents dealt with feelings of frustration with angry and violent outbursts. Understanding the root cause of the anger is a useful step in treatment. There are many treatments for anger management, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques are one of these. Hypnotherapy will help you to change negative thought processes. It will give you strategies that will help you to stay calm instead of reacting in an inappropriate way. Up to three to five sessions may be needed for this treatment.

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