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These therapies enable the client to change their belief systems from negative to positive, allowing them to become whatever they want to with the elimination of self-doubt.

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Inspired for change is a holistic approach that inspires individuals to make a positive change in their life.
Every service offered can be tailored for children as well as adults


Everything in your life is affected by the way you choose to think. Our subconscious does not know the difference between reality and what we think. I can help you change the way you think…


It is the study of subjective experience. Neuro refers to gathering information through our five senses and linguistic refers to the language we use when we talk to ourselves (self-talk)…

Specialist Assessment, Teaching and Learning aimed at children 4 years old to adult Jill spent many years as a Class Teacher and Special Needs Teacher in primary and secondary education…


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N.L.P technique for teaching spelling.

Spelling is an important skill, and one many people find difficult. Robert Dilts spelling strategy teaches the process that good spellers use and has organised it into a simple effective strategy. What he found was that good spellers look up as they spell, they visualise the word as they spell it, and then look down

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